13 questions and answers with Ionut

  1. Who is Ionut Ganea?

I am a person dedicated and faithful to my activity.

After graduating the Faculty of Psychology and a master’s degree in the Organizational Psychology, Transports and Services, I achieved a little more than one year experience in the sales area.

The next career change I’ve made was to human resources area, in the recruitment field because it allowed me to combine my vocation with my passion, love and inclination for people which I consider it being a great asset. A third shorter chapter was also in the recruiting area.

  1. What role do you have now in AMS?

My role at AMS is as a business developer. The main activity is to attract customers and build long-term relationships.

  1. What is sales field to you?

I can say that sales are the field of activity that completes me the best. The opportunity to meet decision makers from several industries makes this role more and more interesting.

  1. How would you evaluate market during pandemic?

Indeed, it was a time of shock when people were scared. After that period of shock, people realigned their energies and found effective solutions to move forward.

  1. What changes did you have to implement in your work in the last 4 months?

I can say that there were very intense and interesting months at that time. The transition from the fast pace with daily meetings to work from home required adaptation and reorganization both personally and professionally.

  1. How is it to sell IT recruitment?

I can say that it is an area as interesting as it is challenging. At the beginning you have “surprises” every day but with the acquaintance with the technologies it becomes more and more challenging. Focusing only on IT recruitment offers you the advantages of knowing the industry both from the point of view of multinationals and from the point of view of companies at the beginning of the road.

  1. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most beautiful part of this activity is the people. The advantage of knowing very interesting high achievers who have amazing results on their jobs. You meet those kind of people who make you want to be better, people who encourage and stimulate you.

  1. Is there something that frustrates you in your profession?

You know, in sales there are times when you feel you get stuck. This sometimes happen but the good part is that almost always a solution comes to you in the end. Sales is about people and people are different, unique in their own way, and this requires custom approaches for every single potential partnership. There is no room for automation when dealing with people, just constant adjustment and calibration. That is for sure!

  1. These times entrepreneurs can be scared and feeling insecure. Can one make high value sales during this period?

It is certain that it is an uncertain period, many businesses have stopped but at the same time many businesses have grown during this period. We are on the side of the winners I could say, a certain segment of the IT field had beautiful growth during this period. In general, difficult periods require courageous solutions, from my point of view their is always an equilibrium on the market, even tough part of the market suffered, many of our customers’ businesses grew considerably during this period.

  1. Sales persons are results oriented professionals. What’s your goal for the next 12 months?

I believe that not only for salespeople but in general every employee should be keen to what is the added value he or she brings to the company. My goal for the next 12 months is to develop the AMS partner network and increase the relationship with them to the next level, by positioning AMS as a strategic provider and reliable partner.

  1. How was your first sale at AMS?

I can say that the first sale was the most important.

A week and a half after getting started at AMS, I enjoyed a wonderful previously scheduled 3 days teambuilding. From the first day I dived into the job and started contacting potential customers. I remember that my first deal I got just on the way to the teambuilding. I felt like I had to prove myself from the very beginning and accomplishing this first contract meant a boost of motivation for me. After this initial moment, more than 30 account came later on up to this day.

  1. Biggest blunder you have ever made?

I think the biggest blunder was when I sent a message to a prospect without researching about open position. I wouldn’t say it was a costly mistake, as the discussion was smooth later on. Since then I have taken this as a lesson, and I am always looking in several sources for information about the potential client before contacting him.

  1. Would you give a tip of advice for those starting now in sales?

First of all, to enjoy getting in touch with people. Learn how to boost your energy from connecting with people you come in contact with. Believe in the product you are selling (that is critical!), as not believing in your “product” you will not be able to transmit the positive energy and you will not be able to convince the other that the product can be useful to customer’s needs.



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