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First month in AMS. 13 questions and answers with Bianca


  1. Would tell us who is Bianca, what’s her passions and her goals?

My name is Bianca and my passions are completely opposite. There is a side of me which is attracted to IT technologies and the other side of that is attracted to art, poetry, history. My goals are to evolve and become the best in my domain. Also, I want to develop in more areas and keep learning.

  1. You have one month since you joined AMS. How was it so far?

So far it was a challenging experience and I’m curious about what’s to come.

  1. What were your initial expectations and what happened in reality since you joined AMS?

Initially, I told myself that I don’t want to set any expectations, and to let myself surprised. This is what happened. I was pleasantly surprised about how many new things I can learn.

  1. You are still in the induction process. What would you recommend to a recruiter who is just beginning working in AMS?

I would recommend to a new recruiter to do not get demoralized by challenges, even if they seem too hard.

  1. What was the most difficult thing for you since you started working in AMS?

The most difficult thing for myself was to connect with a new approach of recruitment.

  1. Which one do you consider more relevant for obtaining performance: hard work or talent?

I consider that without hard work, talent can’t be highlighted. And it can be easily lost.

  1. What does really drive you when it comes to IT recruiting?

Passion for recruitment and communication.

  1. Would you find IT recruiting market more difficult for a recruiter during these times?

It is debatable, yes, maybe a little more difficult because people have a hesitation about new jobs, some of them.

  1. What differences can you notice now from how things look like in February, this year?

Honestly, I see a difference in the communication, some people are not that open anymore, but I think it’s normal. It is very important for a recruiter to know how to gain their trust.

  1. What are your top three soft skills that you take advantage of in your activity as a recruiter? How do you use them actually?

Patience, empathy and sincerity. Usually these skills help me build a relationship with my candidates and improve our communication.

  1. What was your biggest mistake so far in your career as an IT recruiter?

I think the biggest mistake was my lack of confidence while presenting them a new role.

  1. What else would you be open to work if it were not for this role in IT recruiting?

Psychology, Human resources in general. Also, I would like to try new domains, I am open to that. Like IT domain.

  1. Which would be the most important advice you would give to a beginner in IT recruiting?

To a beginner in recruiting: Be yourself, trust your words and keep your head up!


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