How I began my career and switch from in-house to agency recruiter


Hello good people! My name is Anamaria Szentgyorgyi and I am an IT recruiter. I would like to share with you a story about my career and my last months changes in it. I know it has  been a difficult, or interesting, period, for every one of us, due to COVID19 pandemic, and I would be glad if my experience would have at least one thing useful for you and help you reach you goals sooner and pass difficulties easier.

Let’s begin!

I am a human resource professional since my first job. The actual moment I truly realized this is the path I would follow was when I began my first internship of my first year of college. What made me set myself on this road was the reality of interacting with people and helping them find the right job. This motivated me from that point up to now to self-improve and to train myself as a recruiter.

The beginnings in IT recruiting


My actual recruitment career began in 2016 after I finished college, when I took the opportunity of working in an IT company. Over time I have known and recruited people who were passionate, motivated, and eager to develop. The first interviews, perhaps a little clumsy, made me want to advance, to research and live up to expectations. Having the technical team by my side helped me to evolve a lot and I realized what I have to focus on when I do the search, to understand the needs of the team and onboard the right people in the company.

For me, recruiting comes with a lot of positive parts. I always met people whom I learned from and who somehow changed the strategies I apply in my professional life. They had this effect not only on the way I work, but on my personality and my way of „touching” the reality around me too. I could say, they shaped part of my inner self.

People are different and I had to understand that everyone’s needs, motivations and triggers differ. I would say this might be a corner stone principle I had to understand in my career. The bond I created with my candidates who end up being my colleagues was the most amazing part of a job I already loved.


Even though there were moments when stress and pressure were high I was motivated to do and perform even more and better, and to move on. You know? If someone tells you recruitment is without stress, you should ask: „aha! Tell me more about this magic unicorn of yours! 😊

IT recruitment will always be a real challenge for a recruiter, but it is up to you, your determination and passion for what you do that can make a difference. In IT recruitment you have to be curious, to assimilate as much details as possible both about the technologies that the positions you are recruiting for requires and about the direction that the candidates want to develop, to make sure that you get the best results. Although it has its glamour, IT is an industry where targets, deadlines, release terms, are common vocabulary, so filling a role is just, let’s say, urgent by default 😊

Transition from in-house recruitment to agency


The moment I made the transition from in-house recruitment to agency recruitment, AMS Human Resources, I knew it would be a considerable difference, but until I actually started working on projects I didn’t realize how different it is and that everything is changing. From interacting with customers to finding the right candidates for each company, the strategies you need to apply are different. If by that time I was used having a technical team with which I could consult and I knew exactly what the team needs, this time I needed to get the information so that I could find the right candidates for each client.

I am lucky to have encountered a wonderful team, which stood by my side, that I always learn from and that helps me every time. Teodora my colleague from Cluj has been by my side since the beginning and helped me to understand the differences and focus on the right direction. Since I began working at AMS, our relation has turned into a friendship.

It is a real pleasure to work with motivated people who give you confidence that you can do whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcomes. And in an agency, more than everywhere else, outcomes are the only ones that matter. You deliver, you have a happy customer! You do not, you have a disappointed one. That is how things are.

There were periods with lots of pressure, situations where maybe I didn’t know which way I should go. On top of them, in March COVID19 arrived in Romania too. What made me find a breakthrough was the passion for what I do and the help I received to overcome many difficult times.

Now I have contact with people from places all around the country, candidates with whom interviews are held mainly on the phone or Skype, the strategy has changed but the motivation to do things right never. I like challenges and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

If it is one thing I would like you to take away from my story is that the most important part of any profession you choose is to do everything with passion, to feel that it’s the best choice you’ve made. It’s a thing I say to all my candidates. I love what I do, I like to know that I can help people and I don’t see myself doing anything else.

I hope you enjoyed my story 😊

I am Anamaria and I do my work with passion!



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