Senior Development Engineer

Our client is a unique innovator in Retail and they are serving global markets with the Technology and products that they are creating. Their obsession from day one has been and is to see the unseen. Processes are making or breaking businesses at this very moment. The challenge is to know where, when, how and by how much.

Our client solves this with it’s proprietary AI timi.aiplatform which can see processes in real-time and enables process shaping by influencing human behavior to achieve optimal performance. The technology is a combination of advanced machine learning, computer vision and neural networks driving Human Centric AI automation. 

They are an agile team of very strong engineers, researchers and Project Managers, with a “move-fast” attitude, passion for creating new things the right way, for solving tough problems and delighting our customers. Our client encourage innovation, proactivity, autonomy, collaboration. 

Are you interested to meet and see more about what they are doing? If you will join our client team, here are few important aspects.


We are looking for Software Engineers that will research, design, implement, test new pipe solutions and help speed up our idea –> development –> production cycles. We are seeking for professional individual who is passionate about AI technologies. The ideal candidate will have coding capabilities, experience designing, writing and troubleshooting including deployment and test in a Demo environment and take part of the team presenting the prototype to potential customers. 

Qualifications Desired Qualifications:

  • BS/MS in Computer Science or Equivalent;
  • Programming/Scripting languages: Python, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Linux Bash;
  • Linux OS;

On the job, there will be different research activities on even more technologies like: 

  • Machine learning; Big data (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch); Cloud-based architecture (Azure, AWS etc.); 
  • Data mining and data modelling tools;
  • Statistical analysis and modelling; 
  • Data lake, data warehousing and data mart solutions;
  • Data pipeline and workflow management tools; 
  • Stream-processing systems;
  • Database technologies: SQL-based (e.g. PostgreSQL and MySQL); NoSQL (e.g. Cassandra and MongoDB); 
  • Previous experience of SW Development\DevOps;
  • Hands on, delivery oriented;
  • The ability to learn quickly and hit the ground running, a can-do attitude and never-say-die spirit. Great customer empathy;
  • Strong collaboration skills with the ability to work in a dynamic/agile environment;
  • A passion for improving engineering practices and data driven engineering.

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