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With more than 13 years of experience in local, regional and national projects, our company offers advanced personnel recruitment services in Cluj Napoca.

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Teodora Tus

Teodora Tus

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We are your HR agency in Cluj-Napoca

In recent years, the city of Cluj-Napoca has undergone a strong economic development. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) / inhabitant in Cluj County is comparable to that of some countries in the Top 50 worldwide. In the last five years, Cluj county has had the largest GDP growth in the country, namely 62%. The high salaries and the economic development of the city of Cluj-Napoca are just two of the reasons that generated this increase. Cluj-Napoca transfers part of this development and of its own prosperity to the county level because not only the areas around the municipality begin to develop very well as we were used (Floresti, Apahida etc) but already this positive effect is felt in other areas.

A comparison of the type of economic activities in Cluj with the surrounding counties such as Salaj, Bistrita-Nasaud leads to the conclusion that Cluj county is the main attraction, here being the main investors, especially in the IT field, where are the ones higher wages.

Cluj has grown into the most important IT hub in Romania, right after Bucharest.

We provide to our clients IT recruitment services in Cluj-Napoca.

What is worth remembering, beyond the multitude of variables that make Cluj Napoca a model city for other important cities in Romania, is that the development of urban areas depends essentially on their ability to recruit talent and skilled and skilled workforce. This leads to major capital investments which in turn allow new accumulations at the human level. A dance beneficial to both parties, a pattern that deserves to be retained and adapted and in the case of other cities in Romania who want or envy such a level of development.

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