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Recruitment services in Oradea.

With more than 13 years of experience in local, regional and national projects, our company offers advanced personnel recruitment services in Oradea, Bihor.

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Teodora Tus

Teodora Tus

Operations Manager

We are your HR agency in Oradea

The Romanian name Oradea originates from the city’s Hungarian name. In Hungarian, it is called Nagyvárad, or colloquially Várad, the latter being the origin of the Romanian name. The city also has a German name, Großwardein.

Oradea has been developing itself steadily in the last 10 years, up to the point of becoming a promising IT hub in Romania. Many foreign companies choose to open a branch in Oradea due to its location, good human resource potential and a very friendly administration to capital investments.

With a population of up to 200.000 inhabitants, Oradea has become in the recent years an attractive location not only for companies but also for young graduates willing the start a career in IT, engineering and customer service industry.

Due to its nice prewar architecture, Oradea can be easily consider one of the most beautiful cities of Romania


We have been helping growing companies in Oradea find talented new employees since 2007. In this regard Oradea could be considered one of the most challenging cities of Romania, as unemployment has always been very low. Not only do local companies have difficulties in finding best candidates in IT, but they also have to struggle to compete with companies from Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca (less than 200 km away from Oradea), locations that are very attractive for young professionals in Oradea.